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Welcome to Loudon Tennessee!

The city of Loudon in eastern Tennessee is located around 25 miles south west of Knoxville (just off interstate 75) and comes under the Knoxville, Tennessee Metro Area and its name is derived from a colonial fort that was situated in the area. Fort Loudoun was built by the British in 1765 and named after the 4th Earl of Loudon in what is now Monroe County not far from the towns of the Overhill Cherokee. This is still a historical landmark in the region today having been reconstructed during the Depression ear before it was officially recognized in 1965 as a National Historic Landmark. Loudon itself was not incorporated as a US city until 1927.

loudonThe city is still very aware of its history, and this is made very clear by its motto: “Proud of the past and focused on the future,” which its 5000+ residents today are honored to uphold. At the turn of the 21st century, the city had a population of just over 4,000 which was made up of over 78% white, 16% Hispanic or Latino, 3% African American and small minorities of other racial demographics including 0.31% Native Americans and 0.2% Asian, however in the past decade the population has continued to grown steadily with an increase of over 20%. The city covers an area of around 25km2, the majority of which is covered by land with just 1% water, from the nearby Tennessee River. This is the largest tributary of the Ohio River and is over one thousand miles long. It was also regularly referred to as the Cherokee River however its official name actually comes from the Cherokee village name, Tanasi, which offers a similar pronunciation, not least as a result of the cultural heritage of this particular tribe who were among the first inhabitants of the region. The city is also the county seat of Loudon County and is governed by a Mayor plus 4 Council members and if you have recently moved to the area and would like to get more involved in community matters then you can attend the City Council meetings which are held at 7.30pm on the third Monday of every month. More information about the council and its business can be obtained from the City Hall which is situated in Loudon’s Alma Place.

The climate in Loudon, Tennessee, is fairly moderate however the rainfall – 51 inches of rain on average each year – is higher than that for the US as a whole which is around 37 inches but the snowfall is only 6 inches compared to the national average of 25 inches. There are around 200 plus sunny days each year with a high of around 91 degrees expected in July and a low of 29 degrees in January, however the hot summer months can often be very humid particularly during July and August.

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