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Car rental in Loudon

Visitors to the city of Loudon in Tennessee may consider hiring a car to get around the area and there are several car rental companies in the area including well know names such as Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise and National rentals as well as some smaller local firms offering similar services. However, regardless of which company you opt for or the kind of vehicle you wish to rent, there are a few areas of any car rental contract that should be checked thoroughly before you sign the contract.

Many companies may operate policies that will result in extra charges being incurred and these are often hidden away in the fine print, away from the initial charges that you have agreed to. car-rentalThere are several areas where extra charges arise, that may affect your initial quote as well as those that may arise when you return the vehicle. Mileage is one plan that accrues extra fees so it is prudent to check what is actually included in your quoted rate so you do not get caught by surprise. In an ideal world, most quotes should include unlimited mileage so you can travel as far and as much as possible for the duration of the contract without any extra charges. Some companies however operate a daily mileage charge which means you can only use the car for a certain distance then you will pay additional fees for anything over that limit. It is also worthwhile checking that all taxes are included in your initial quote as these sometimes vary across the country, from state to state and city to city. In some cases surcharges for the likes of airport pickup may be included if there is not an office within the terminal grounds for you to collect your vehicle from direct. The same may apply when you drop the car off at a location other than where you rented it from and extra charges will often be incurred for late drop-offs, if you return the vehicle an hour or more later than scheduled.

With regards to insurance, many companies operate a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy which means that any loss or damage to the car is not your responsibility. However, if you do not have this and the car is stolen or involved in an accident, then you will find yourself liable for value of the whole car unless your own auto insurance policy covers car rentals too. In addition, you may think that this CDW is included in your quote but this is not always the case and may require additional costs to include it in your rental contract. Gasoline can be another tricky area so it would be prudent to check upfront where you stand with this. Most companies expect the car to be returned with a full tank of petrol and will charge you extra if it is not but beware if you get caught out in this respect as the rental company may offer to fill the tank for you at the per gallon rates quoted in your contract which are often much more than the going rate at the average gas station.

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