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Keen on hiking?

There are a great many hiking and cycling trails across the state of Tennessee including several that are close to the city of Loudon with a variety of different options to suit all levels whether you are seeking a moderate or more challenging trail. Travelling from Loudon towards Knoxville, you will find the Concord Park Trails which cover an 8.3 mile loop, west of the city. This is deemed to be a moderate trail so it is ideal for less experienced hikers who want to explore the local countryside but it these are also regularly used for mountain-biking and trail running. However, while the trail is not particularly strenuous it can be more difficult to negotiate during cooler, wetter periods of the year as parts of the trail get very muddy in the rain and can be rather slippery. The I.C. King Park Trails is a 7.5 mile loop trail that is also situated not far from Knoxville, Tennessee and while this is deemed to suit all skill levels of hikers it is predominantly used for mountain biking.

hikingFurther away but definitely worth the trip is the Rich Mountain Loop, which is an 8.5 mile loop trail that offers hiking opportunities all year round regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate or seasoned hikers. This can be found near the city of Maryville in the peaceful and tranquil Cades Cove area and it was originally a Cherokee Indian trail that was used by early settlers to the area. Less skilled hikers are advised to take the route in a clockwise direction as this is deemed to be less challenging than the more strenuous anti-clockwise route. This is a very beautiful area that has an abundance of wildlife including flora, fauna and deer but there are also coyotes in the vicinity too although these are usually only spotted from a distance or recognizable from their droppings along the trail. Views from the trail are somewhat limited during the summer months due to the extensive forest land surrounding the region so vistas are better when there are less leaves on the trees to block out the scenery beyond.

Nature lovers and those with an interest in botany in particular will also love the Piney River Trail which is located close to Spring City and forms part of the part of the Bowater Pocket Wilderness. This ten mile hike is renowned for its wild flowers and keen eyed hikers will be able to sport hundred of different species, many of which are indigenous to the area, so it is also popular with wildlife photographers. The Haw Ridge Lake Trail is a favorite for mountain biking in particular and there are a variety of different trails to suit all level ranging from moderate to extremely difficult, with some areas of the latter requiring cyclists to dismount due to the steep incline. This trail is situated close to Oak Ridge and forms a 6.7 mile loop that offers some beautiful views and unforgettable scenery.

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