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Posted On 12 Dec 2017
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A 1 Plumbing Company A-1 Plumbing is proud to introduce our “Preferred Service Club”. At  A-1 Plumbing, we realize that when a plumbing problem arises you want the assurance that you can make one call and have a trusted professional take care of you. Our new Preferred Service Club is plumbing security for your home! No more worries about who to call or whether or not they will be able to fit you into their schedule. We guarantee same day service to members of our Preferred Service Club for any plumbing emergency without ANY overtime fees. We also offer extended hours at no extra charge for our customers who are out, or at work during normal business hours.* Our new Preferred Service Club is plumbing security for your home!

Here is a list of benefits members of the Preferred Service Club enjoy:

$100 IN FREE PLUMBING SERVICE! One of our licensed plumbers will give your home an ANNUAL in-depth inspection, including FREE plumbing system adjustments as needed… a $100 value alone! Your complete plumbing system is included. Here are some examples of what is covered:

  • All toilets are checked and tested for leaks and smooth operation.
  • All faucets are tested. All piping beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks is checked for signs of possible water damage.
  • All exposed water lines are checked for any damage.
  • All drains are checked for leaks and clogs.

Washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly checked and tested.
Water heater is checked for safety, leaks, and signs of corrosion. We flush the tank to ensure a longer life for your water heater.
Members of the Preferred Service Club have the benefit of receiving a 15% DISCOUNT ON SERVICE REPAIRS! Also, members have the chance to take advantage of any unadvertised specials we offer. Club members receive an automatic 10% DISCOUNT ON ANY FIXTURE REPLACEMENT and a 5% DISCOUNT ON DRAIN CLEANING!

Preferred Service Club membership is FREE FOR 12 MONTHS! Membership is only $8.95 per month and for the first 12 months, as an added benefit to our club members, your accumulated monthly dues are credited toward any future service or product you purchase.

A FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all parts and labor on any and all repairs and replacements (excluding drain cleaning.)


Your club membership is TRANSFERABLE! If you move anywhere in our market area, as a member you may transfer your club membership to your new home or it can be transferred to the new owner.

About Us

We are a licensed and insured plumbing company located in Loudon, Tennessee and have been in business in Loudon County since 1977. We offer most types of regular plumbing service including: toilet and water heater repair/replacement, plumbing system repair, whole house water distribution replacement, water line replacement, and new construction. To contact A-1 Plumbing Company, please call our office at 865-986-3272.

Meet Our Staff

At A-1 Plumbing Co. we are proud of our employees, since most of them are family and the others are like family. A-1 Plumbing is a second generation family business located in Loudon County, Tennessee. A-1 Plumbing was founded by Roy Myers in 1977 and under his leadership grew to be plumbing service provider in the area. Upon Roy’s passing in 2000 the daily operations of the business were taken over by his son, Marty. Currently Marty serves as Owner/General Manager and oversees the daily plumbing work in the field. Marty’s wife, Jennifer, is the Office Manager/Secretary and handles scheduling, payroll, and billing. Marty’s brother, Nathaniel, has been with the company since 2008. Nathaniel’s primary duties are on the new construction side of the business but occasionally he also contributes on the service side as well.

Our Certifications

A-1 Plumbing’s employees have several certifications to better serve our customers:

*Kohler Authorized Service Repair Agent

*Level III Certified Rinnai Installer

*Uponor Certified Installer

*Incinerator Pro Circle Installer


A-1 Plumbing Company provides many different services to meet your plumbing needs. Whether you are completing a new construction project, starting a remodeling job, or require plumbing service, our certified employees are ready to assist you. For further information on the plumbing knowledge, skills, and plumbing services A-1 Plumbing offers, please select the link that best meets your individual plumbing needs.

  • Water Heaters
  • Faucet Repair & Installation
  • Garbage Disposal & Hot Water Dispenser
  • Toilet Repair & Installation
  • Whole House Repiping
  • Water Line Repair
  • Back to Services
  • Drain Cleaning and Line Locating

Water Heaters
At A-1 Plumbing our employees are trained in the different aspects of water heater services. Today there are many options available and often consumers are not sure which is the best alternative for their needs. We can assist you in determining which water heater is best for your particular application and then provide the materials, manpower, and know-how to get your hot water flowing.

We are a Level III certified Rinnai dealer. For more information about Rinnai tankless water heaters please use the link below.
We also offer tankless water heater leasing with AWHR and financing for any water heater through GE Money Bank.

Faucet Repair and Installation
Whether you need to repair or replace your faucet, A-1 Plumbing can help. We provide service to your kitchen faucets, bath faucets, tub and shower faucets, laundry or garage sink faucets, bar sink faucets, or even outdoor faucets. If you need to replace your existing faucet, our employees can offer advice on the many brands available and help you to pick the correct faucet for your home.

A-1 Plumbing is proud to be an Authorized Service Repair Agent for all Kohler products. Please use the link below for more information about Kohler products.

Garbage Disposals and Hot Water Dispensers
A-1 Plumbing is a certified Insinkerator Pro Circle installer. When we provide and install an Insinkerator disposal, our customers receive an extra one year warranty beyond the normal manufacturer’s warranty. This also applies to Insinkerator hot and cold water dispensers. We service all makes and models of disposals to better suit our customers’ needs.

Toilet Repair and Installation
When shopping for a new toilet there are many choices for customers to consider. A-1 Plumbing can help you decide which toilet is right for your home. If your toilet has not been changed in the last twelve years, you can save up to 4 gallons of water per flush by replacing it with a newer toilet.

We also can repair your toilet and keep it from wasting valuable water or causing damage to your home.

A-1 Plumbing’s employees are skilled in efficient whole-house-repiping projects. During one 2 year period, A-1 Plumbing repiped, on average, one house per week. Overall we have repiped more than 90 houses in Loudon County, TN. Our employees utilize Uponor AquaPex, which is a Type A PEX product. We are a certified Uponor installer.

On a typical repipe job, A-1 Plumbing can accomplish the job with minimal damage to the house’s drywall. This makes the overall cost of the project less because extensive drywall repair and repainting are not required.

Water Line Repair or Replacement
Water line repair or replacement can seem like an intimidating project. A-1 Plumbing is skilled in dealing with these issues with minimal impact on the customer’s yard. We offer both trenching and boring as a means to replace water lines. If a customer chooses the trenching option, we can provide straw and seed to repair the area affected by the water line replacement if the customer requests it. The boring option can be utilized by customers who want the least amount of surface damage or customers who require their water line to be placed under rocks, driveways, or sidewalks in their yard. A water line can also be sleeved so if there are ever problems with the pipe in the future it can be quickly and easily removed and repaired without re-boring the line.

Drain Cleaning and Line Locating
Locating blocks and damages in drain lines used to be a time consuming, cumbersome process. It once involved total excavation of everything above the drain line. Due to advances in technology, drain line locating and sewer pipe replacement and repair have become a lot simpler now. For your home, A1 Plumbing does the drain line locating using the latest technologies.

Today sewer line repair and replacement is carried out with equipments like telepresence video and locating devices, drain snake augers and high pressure water jetting. A1Plumbing makes use of the recent advances in technology for drain cleaning & other plumbing repair. We guarantee on our expertise of working with all kinds of drain lines. Problems in the drain lines should not be ignored. Apart from being a responsible house owner, you can save money in the long term with periodic checking of your sewer lines for repair.


“Thank you so much for responding so quickly to our problem. Scott was professional, courteous, and capable. I had no reservations leaving my house unattended while he was here. Your people are awesome; your business is without question the only people I will call in need of service. Thanks for being there for us.”

Tom and Karen Prendergast

“A-1 Plumbing has kept our plumbing in fabulous condition for eleven years. During that time, Marty and his assistants have been wonderful. They are always quick to answer our calls, and they are extremely personable and professional. I just want to say that I couldn’t keep house without Marty and his crew there to help. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any of our friends and have on several occasions. Our friends are equally impressed, and Marty is the main plumber in our neighborhood.”

Bob and Patti Jones

“Just a note to tell the world that we have known Marty since he was an apprentice with his father, Roy. They did all of our plumbing, and we never had a problem. Today, Marty and crew still does all of our plumbing, and we still never have a problem and that covers twenty years. The water heater goes out, and by the end of the day, the new one is installed. A pin hole leak appeared and within a week the entire house is re-plumbed with pex with only one piece of drywall cut. We are greatly appreciative that they are experienced, prompt, clean, neat, polite, efficient, and reasonable; what more can be said.”

John and Marianne Leech

“We have used A-1 Plumbing for several years and are very satisfied with their work. They are always very responsive to our needs and complete the work in a timely manner.”

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CALL: 865-986-3272
MAIL: marty@a1plumbingcompany.com


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