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Keeping your pool clean

There is nothing better during the hot and humid summer months than to jump into a pool of refreshing water for a cooling dip or swim so if you are fortunate to have a swimming pool on your property and you live in the city of Loudon, then there are several companies in the area who will maintain and service it for you. Alternatively, you may have moved to the area and are renovating a property that needs a pool constructed and there are also various companies that provide services to build your swimming pool.

These include Tipton Pools who are based on North Broadway in Knoxville but also cover the surrounding towns and cities including Loudon and this company has over thirty years of experience when it comes to the construction of in-ground gunite and vinyl-lined swimming pools. poolTheir skilled team of professionals will help you choose the ideal design and give you all the advice you need to help turn your dream pool into a reality. The first step involves a survey of your yard by a qualified representative who will also discuss in detail all the options available as well as any budget restraints you may have in order to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for with high quality workmanship and at a price that is comfortable for you. After deciding on the shape and size of your pool, you can then choose from a variety of different colors, tiles, decks and interior finishes before letting the experts take over to start construction. Thanks to the latest in computer technology, you will also be able to see a precise 2-DE color model of exactly what your pool will look like upon completion down to the most meticulous detail. Every project is planned down to the finest detail and in addition, this company will also arrange any permits or planning permission that may be required so all the paperwork will be approved before any work begins and this also includes submissions to ensure that all health and safety standards including electrical codes are met.

Aside from building your ideal pool, the company also has a very successful service department which deals with cleaning, maintenance and repair of existing swimming pools as well as the renovation of older ones. A standard maintenance visit from Tipton includes services such as the testing of chemicals in the water and making any additional alterations to the chemical levels as well as cleaning the water line, brushing the walls and even vacuuming the pool floor. Water filters will also be backwashed and changed as necessary and the skimmer and pump strainer baskets will also be emptied plus they will even clean any debris that may be lying around the pool deck. These service checks can be arranged weekly, monthly or even customized to suit your needs and this includes any care that you may wish undertaken while you are away on business or vacation. Pool opening and closing services will also be conducted as required.

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