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B & P Electric Inc

Posted On 04 Dec 2017
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B & P ElectricWhen it comes to electrical projects, it is important to hire a professional electrician. Electricity is not only dangerous to work with, it can also pose serious safety hazards if a job isn’t performed correctly. At first, it may seem as if your do-it-yourself project was completed correctly, only to find several months (or weeks) later, that you have serious complications. Overloaded circuits can cause problems and faulty wiring is a fire hazard. Therefore, you should always contract the services of a licensed, qualified professional electric contractor to handle all of your electrical projects.
Making sure that your electrician is properly qualified is your most important decision. If you want your project to be performed correctly and to code, then you can feel comfortable using the quality services of B & P Electric Inc. We utilize our vast expertise to manage project-specific schedules in a cost effective manner.

About US…why B & P Electric?

B & P Electric was established in 1989, a Class I Electrical Contracting Company specializing in Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects.
Highly skilled electricians Licensed, Bonded & Insured allowing for projects in the City of Knoxville, Farragut, all of Knox County, City of Oak Ridge and the City of Maryville… along with license to perform work in any part of the State of Tennessee.B & P Electric will see your project through to completion… no job too small. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and timely delivery.

B & P Electric understands that electrical needs are unique to each situation and we provide our clients with innovative solutions for any and all project types. Our Service Department provides electrical service utilizing our highly trained service technicians and fully equipped to meet your most urgent electrical needs. Our commitment is to do everything possible to get you back on line when you have a problem… in your business or home.

Electrical work around the home is very tempting for ambitious do-it-yourselfers, probably because most people would not pay an electrician to come and change a light bulb. However, this does not mean you should attempt any electrical work beyond this! Badly done electrical installations can KILL … and dangerous mistakes are not always obvious to the amateur. Besides the very real danger of frying yourself to a crisp, attempting fixed electrical installations (those involving wiring and appliances that are fixed to the building, such as sockets or fuseboxes) is illegal if you’re not a qualified electrician.

Remember, if you are unsure about any electrical problem(s), CALL US! If a breaker keeps switching itself off it’s a sign that something needs to be looked at by a Professional. Safety first!


Electricians arrived as scheduled on first day. We went over the items on my list, and they completed those that they could do on the first day. Since they needed some more parts for the remainder of the jobs, they scheduled a follow-up appointment for a few days later. On the second day, they again arrived as scheduled and completed the remainder of the items. We were very pleased with the work performed, and will be calling them back for future projects.
We were very satisfied with the work B & P Electric did at our house. They were very neat, timely and thorough.

I explained that I wanted to install grounded outlets in our 1940’s house, they suggested removing the baseboard heaters for this purpose as they were no longer used. This was more cost efficient that rewiring and met our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend B & P Electric.

I paid what I expected to pay (for the electrical services performed) and I think they did good work. They were timely and careful about everything. They were very thorough as well. I was pleased with the service and I would recommend them to anyone.

B & P Electric “overhauled” the complete wiring system in our 2 story house and also replaced some plugs. They did a good job locating the problems and fixing them quickly. They called before coming out and showed up on time. I felt comfortable with them in my home and I definitely would hire them again. I was happy with the price and the ending results.

I had to have a new circuit breaker box installed because the old one was wore out and there was some faulty wiring in the box. I was very happy with the service I received from B & P Electric. They came out the same day and fixed the problems. I could tell they were highly trained electricians and did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to everybody.


  • Electrical service upgrades/meter centers (overhead & underground)
  • Electrical remodel & new construction
  • Lighting & parking lot maintenance
  • Troubleshoot & repair existing electrical problems
  • Home inspections & repairs
  • Code violation repairs
  • Telephone & cable wiring & installations
  • Electrical wiring for pools & hot tubs
  • Appliance & load isolation circuits


  • Electrical switches, outlets & GFCI’s
  • Arc fault breakers
  • Smoke detector systems
  • Lighting fixtures (indoor & outdoor)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Generator systems
  • Lightning & surge protection systems
  • Data communication wiring

We install and repair everything electrical in your home, office or building!

B & P Electric
1805 Plumb Branch Rd.
Knoxville,TN 37932

Phone: (865) 694-8658
Mobile: (865) 924-9420


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