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Sports facilities

Sports and fitness fanatics who are living in the city of Loudon, will find plenty of facilities in this part of East Tennessee to help keep you fit and active from soccer fields and volleyball courts to swimming pools and hiking trails. Of course, there are also a numerous fitness centers and gyms for those who enjoy working out or prefer to take exercise classes in a group. There are also several great hiking trails, mountain bike and horse riding tracks around the city and surrounding countryside.

sportsThe Loudon Municipal Park on Robertson Springs Road is an excellent place to start if you or your family enjoy outdoor activities such as playing – or even watching –sports. Among the facilities available here are several parkland playgrounds, sports areas and walking trails as well as picnic facilities and shaded areas where you can recover your energy and enjoy some refreshments – away from the heat of the sun if necessary – or simply relax and watch others exerting themselves if preferred. This park also has a 4-field baseball complex, soccer field and sand volleyball court. There is also a nature hiking trail for you to explore on foot at your leisure or a more difficult 50 mile walking track for more experienced hikers. Legion Park on the city’s Ferry Street offers similar facilities including a baseball field, 43 mile walking trails, two children’s playgrounds, picnic tables and rest rooms but it also has a Skate Park with a selection of complex features like pipes, ramps, handrails, pyramids, stair sets and other objects designed to offer users differing levels of complexity. This is ideal for skateboarding, BMX and aggressive inline skating.

Some of Loudon’s recreational parks also include areas of water for swimming, boating etc including pools and ponds. Liberty Park on Mulberry Street has a large swimming pool with slides and a spectator stand as well as a smaller kids pool. In addition it also has a softball field, tennis courts, a basket ball court, a children’s play area and a 40 mile trails specifically designated for jogging. The Riverside Park on Main Street has more water covered areas than land and includes fishing piers, a boat dock and boat launch. However if you prefer to exercise at the gym instead, there are also several reputable ones in the area that offer all the facilities and equipment you would expect from this type of establishment including a multitude of classes offering the likes of yoga, Pilates, aerobics and zumba. These include the Modern Fitness Centre on Loudon’s Grove Street and the nearby Tellico Village Wellness Centre which is just outside the city itself on Dohi Street. Both offer a multitude of services including personal training and fitness instruction, so if you want to get fit but don’t have the will power to go it alone then this could be the way to proceed. Membership prices vary and most can be purchased monthly, tri-monthly or annually and some will also allow you to use the gym and its facilities on an adhoc basis too.

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