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Residents with families in the city of Loudon will find that there are a variety of youth clubs and activities to get your children involved in the local community as well as keeping them fit and giving them the chance to compete in their favorite sport. There are many such clubs and organizations around the city and surrounding areas of East Tennessee so whether your child wants to play little league baseball or join one of the local softball teams, you will find plenty of choice.

clubsLoudon’s Youth Baseball Team offers children aged 4 to 12 years the opportunity to play the sport in a competitive environment against each other as well as other teams of similar age groups from nearby towns. Registration fee to join is $30, Baseball with team pants costing $10 however registration must be done by early March for your child to qualify in the team for the forthcoming season. Alternatively, if your child wants to learn more about this particular sport and has not played baseball in a team before then they may enjoy Loudon’s Annual Baseball Camp for children up to twelve years of age and this is held on a Saturday afternoon from 12pm to 3pm during the month of May. The registration fee is $25 and includes coaching from the Loudon Redskins’ Bill Thompson who will teach them the basics of the game. Bill is the Head Coach for the Redskins and was recently inducted into Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame so you can be assured that your child will receive the best fundamental training from a recognized expert in the field.

If your child would prefer to play a different sport, there are a variety of other Youth Clubs in the area with alternative options. These include the Loudon Youth Softball Team, for players aged 8 to 11 and this also has a registration deadline for early March. The fee is $30, again with an additional $10 for the team’s official; softball pants. Flag Football is another popular activity that is available for any child – male or female – from 1st to 12th grades, and games are played at Loudon Municipal Park with a registration fee of $30 also. Dodge ball is fast becoming a very popular sport among youths in the area – as well as elsewhere in the state and across the country so Loudon also has a league of this kind team for 8-13 year olds. However, one of the most popular sports is still basketball so not surprisingly Loudon also has its Competitive Youth Basketball League which has several teams for various age groups including 13-18 year olds, 12-15 years olds, 8-11 year old and under 8’s. There is a 10 player roster limit per group, with registration fees of $25 per child which must be paid before the October deadline although the league games don’t start until early January. These are held every Saturday from the start of the year onwards.

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