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The city of Loudon in the state of Tennessee has a great deal to offer residents living in the community with a multitude of recreational events, activities and clubs covering a wide range of subjects to suit all tastes and interests. As well as offering plenty for the whole family to enjoy there is also a great deal available for adults living here too and if you have recently moved to the area and don’t know anyone in the city, then getting involved in local club or sporting team could be the ideal way to meet people and make new friends.

sailingDue to its scenic location in the heart of east Tennessee, the surrounding countryside close to Loudon has plenty to offer for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, cycling and horse riding. This is something you could enjoy on your own but which may be more fun to do in a group and there are a variety of organizations that run clubs and related events that involve the great outdoors, often making use of the multitude of nature trails. These are suitable for both amateur walkers and seasoned hikers as well as for mountain biking and horse riding however certain trails may be delegated for one or the other rather than for multiple purposes. Local publications and websites will have listings of what clubs are available and will also let you know of any organized group events that are coming up. This includes the Take-A-Hike Club a community project that organizes regular hiking exercises for groups and individuals, around the 1 mile nature trail in Loudon´s Municipal Park.

Alternatively, you may want to join a sports team and participate in one of the many local leagues that run throughout the calendar year, and this will also enable you to meet like-minded people if you wish to extend your social circle. There is an adult basketball team that plays its games at the L.H.S on Sunday afternoons from early January however all participating teams must be registered – and this can be done online – by the beginning of December for a fee of $300. Flag Football is another favorite that is growing in popularity among both adults and children in the area and this also has a league for an adult team which begins early October each year, with a team registration deadline the month before. For those who are not familiar with the sport, it is similar to traditional American Football but while the basic rules are the same, the rough and tumble tackling associated with this game is replaced by the more gently pursuit of de-flagging. This means that the team who are on the defense have to remove the flag – which is usually held on a flag belt attached to each player – from the person carrying the ball. These team games are played in Loudon Municipal Park, also on a Sunday afternoon. For those who would like to play a sport that is not restricted to either sex, then Loudon´s Co-ed Softball League may be more appealing. Games are also held in the same Municipal Park with league play beginning at the start of September.

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